Engberts & Schipper

Our Music = Our Emotion 


Peter Engberts and Justus Schipper, operating under Engberts & Schipper (see picture below) are focused on delivering inspirational and self-composed songs. Many of them are written in our mother tongue, the beautiful Dutch language; but in case we think the song would be interesting for a wider international audience, we will write in English or any other language, as long as we feel that the emotion will come across. 

We believe that some day, beautiful melodies and easy to sing-along songs will become popular again. That is the type of music we like to make.   

We love to create something new: music and lyrics based on real life experiences, mostly those of our own, or based on observations. As result, the songs come from our hearts and souls. You will not find super digitally polished and composed songs. We produce them in its basic form, mostly using one or two instruments and our own voices, in the hope that others will be inspired to make their own (possibly more beautiful) versions out of them.  The songs are usually easy to sing along with and have melodies that stick to your mind....the so-called "ear-worms"......don't say we didn't warn you  !



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